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The Malaysian Road Safety Plan 2006-2010 was launched to address the issue of the alarming rise of road fatalities and injuries in the country. One of the areas that is given prominence in the plan is education. RSE provides the foundation and process to strengthen and bring about the desired behavioural modifications of a road user, in terms of knowledge, skills and attitudes.

In The News
Road Safety (General)
1 Man dies in motorcycle collision, dated 23/09/2013, My Metro Online ~ click here to read
2 Be careful while crossing, dated 23/09/2013, My Metro Online ~ click here to read
3 2 motorcyclists groan in pain after collision, dated 20/09/2013, My Metro Online ~ click here to read
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Road Safety Education (Children & Youth)
1 Road safety education in schools paying off, dated 16/04/2012, The Star Online ~ click here to read
2 Malaysian students dies in New Jersey crash, dated 04/01/12, New Straits Times Online ~ click here to read
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